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Devoted to women looking to creatively express and incorporate faith in their personal and professional relationship journeys.


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Welcome SIS!

We're so glad you're here! 

Herelationship is the networking and marketing platform for early-career women looking to express and creatively incorporate faith along their personal and professional relationship journeys.

We are all blessed with gifts and passions, but we are at our best when we allow our faith to create unconventional life experiences. This platform is a testament to what can happen when we allow faith into our conversations and relationships. 

We are each obligated as a Sister In Spirit to love, pray for, and celebrate each other so that we can 

re-present faith through the work we do. We value the power of our relationships, personal and professional, and invite every woman to feel comfortable sharing her journey in this space.


Herelationship is more than a brand – this is the platform for women to express their faith creatively and strengthen relationships along the way. SIS, we are walking in boldness as our life experiences unfold. Join us!

As sisters, we have an obligation to plant seeds in each other's lives & be there to water them.

Our Mission

To establish a platform that allows and encourages women to express their faith creatively, while growing their personal and professional relationships with a networking, marketing, and faith-based approach. 


About the Founder

Kennedy Currie, MA is a Greensboro, North Carolina native and High Point University alumna. During her college tenure, Kennedy was a scholar-athlete, community servant, sorority member, and dual Communications degree-recipient. She finished college with one year of internship experiences and ultimately no direction for where she was headed next in her life.


   That time of insecurity with her own plans shifted Kennedy's mindset and revealed God as the facilitator of her life's timeline. Still, she persisted with the job search process and sought opportunities that fit others’ descriptions of what her work should be, instead of seeking who God created her to be. Months passed her by and she found herself in a cycle of job applications and rejections, wondering– what's next?

    Months later, she realized that every no she received during her job search journey was actually God saying yes to something greater. Five months after Herelationship was founded in July 2018, Kennedy accepted her current role as Community Manager of Launch Greensboro, the entrepreneurship initiative of the Greensboro Chamber. Around the same time, she began a part-time gig as an ESPN+ Color Analyst for High Point University Women's Basketball, her alma mater.

    Herelationship was launched on February 14, 2019 and serves as an extension of Kennedy's faith-led, entrepreneurial journey to her Sisters in Spirit. This platform allows women to express their faith creatively and grow their personal and professional relationships with a networking, marketing, and faith-based approach. Kennedy's challenge to you is to be bold, sink yourself into the work you've been given, and allow faith to lead you as you live life unconventionally.

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